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Debts - management, recovery and buyout

CashDirect group was formed in 2003 in reaction to the financial crisis and the negative, though necessary, fallout associated with it, such as: increase in number of debts/receivables after due date, length of time of debts/receivables after due date, increase in number of insolvent proposals and general decline, and overall worsening of the debt situation in the Czech Republic. The goal was to secure regular legal and business structures necessary for the management of such debts/receivables and for the adjacent activities of organization of business with these debts/ receivables.

Professional ethics in CashDirect company are a reflection of our vision and our values. The sense/purpose of our activities is to help clients obtain their justified claims and receivables. Our success and good reputation is based on the quality of the services we offer clients.

CashDirect company is committed to carry out its business activities in compliance with the highest standards of honesty and integrity. Our commitment to comply with the highest ethical standards means not only compliance with valid legislation and regulations in the country in which we operate, but also creating and maintaining the constant trust of our clients and business partners.

Please allow us to offer you our long term experience in the areas of recovery/collection and management of debts/receivables, including the prevention of their emergence.


Take advantage of the services of a verified specialist for the management, recovery/collection and buyout/purchase of debts/receivables


We will take over receivables, including necessary background documents, and will lead the process of collection/recovery.


We will ensure evidence and monitoring of receivables, even purchase receivables after their due date.


We will purchase and pay exposed invoices before their due date.


We will provide screening of a client’s potential business partners.


We provide assistance with the financing and leading of legal and other disputes in the Czech Republic, as well as internationally.

Are you our debtor?

Contact us, together we will find the optimal solution to your situation. The earlier you get in touch with us the more possible solutions we will have for you. Timeliness in this case also means a lower amount to pay.

Communication and interest to resolve commitments is the first and most important step to a debt free life. If you decide to approach debts head on, we will be helpful because as the saying goes ”even a silent debt will not let you sleep”.

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Protection and usage of personal data


Your personal data is always used in compliance with the law and current legal regulations, and always correctly and transparently. Personal data is processed only for the legitimate purposes of the activities of CashDirect, in the scope and time absolutely necessary. Thanks to the organization and security of CashDirect systems your personal data is safe.


Contact us, we will resolve everything for you.

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